Frequently Asked Questions in Wedding Towne

What is Wedding Towne?
Wedding Towne is a virtual "who's who" of weddings on the Internet.
What is the point of Wedding Towne?
Wedding Towne is a place where you can share in the joy of special moments, timelessly captured on the Internet.
Did you make these websites?
No, these are publicly accessible sites available on the Web, created by couples to celebrate their weddings. Wedding Towne provides the user with a console through which to view this collection.
How does a website get on Wedding Towne?
If you would like to suggest a website to be included in Wedding Towne, please, submit a site!
Why should I vote?
By voting for the sites that you like the most, you are telling the Wedding Towne community where to find the TOP SITES.
Can I vote more than once per website?
Yes, you may revise your vote for a website at any time. Note, however, that only your most recent vote will count.
How does voting work?
Use the thumb icons to vote either up or down for a website. Only use the trash icon for sites which don't belong in Wedding Towne. For example, we don't need sites that sell things, sites with private logins, or sites that are not focused on weddings. Ultimately, all voting is at your discretion.