About Wedding Towne

Come on in to Wedding Towne, friend! Here you will the most comprehensive collection of wedding websites on the entire Internet. What is a wedding site, you ask? In truth, it can vary a great deal. Some wedding sites merely serve to inform prospective attendees of relevant dates and locations. Other wedding sites are online tributes to the beauty of a ceremony or the endurance of a couple's love. And other websites simply defy description. There's a lot to see in Wedding Towne, so let's get started.
Getting Started
Here is an overview of how Wedding Towne generally looks once you start browsing.
At the top of the screen, you will see the Wedding Towne Console. This is a frame that contains several important controls and pieces of information. The rest of the browser window is an actual wedding website.
The Wedding Towne Console
The console is what allows you to participate in the fun of Wedding Towne. The Now Viewing box shows the url of the wedding site that is displayed in the frame below. Underneath the url, you will either see a box to enter a comment about the site, or a comment that someone else has already made. In the Voting box, there are three voting options. The Info panel contains a button that will bring you back to the information area of Wedding Towne.
Since there are so many sites on Wedding Towne, it's important that our users help us find the best and most interesting content. Vote Thumbs Up for any site you enjoy, and vote Thumbs Down for the rest. The Trash vote is only for sites that don't belong in Wedding Towne. For example, an occasional wedding photographer or wedding cake company may slip through the cracks and these should be trashed. Also, any sites that are protected by password or sites that do not load should be trashed. By visiting the Info area of Wedding Towne you can find out which sites have received the most Thumbs Up votes. After voting for a site, you will automatically advance to a new wedding website.
Every user only gets one vote per wedding site. However, sometimes you may find a site that is so good, you want everyone to know about it as soon as possible. You can post a comment about a wedding site to explain what makes it so great or interesting. Try to be brief and descriptive. Comments will not be posted until after they have been approved, and only comments that reflect the good spirit of Wedding Towne will get approved.
Statistics and Fun Facts
Wedding Towne officially opened in October 2005, but has been operational since July.
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